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Atlantis litter
  • How much do your puppies cost?
    Our pomsky puppies range between $2,500 and $4,000 depending on the puppies traits. A small husky masked puppy with double blue eyes will be on the higher end and our solid colored puppies with double brown eyes will be on the lower end.
  • What does the cost of a puppy include?
    All of our puppies go home with: a 2 year health guarantee against hereditary or congenital diseases, a Florida State Health Certificate (includes 1st set of puppy vaccines, deworming, and fecal test) microchipped with a lifetime registration through AKC Reunite a goodie bag of supplies Lifetime breeder support
  • Why choose us?
    We OFA health test and Embark DNA test all our parents. The parents must complete Hip, Elbow, Eye, and Patella exams by our veterinarian then they are reviewed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. We raise our puppies in our home. alongside our pack and family. They are acclimated to multiple household sounds. We also raise our puppies through a program called Puppy Culture. This program includes Early Neurological stimulation, Enrichment effects, working through developmental and fear periods, and multiple other steps. Lastly, we love our dogs and enjoy taking them to evets around our town. We enjoy days at the dog park or beaches, nights at the Jumbo Shrimp Baseball games or headed to a dog friendly restaurant. We hope to produce your next 4-legged family member that steals your heart like their parents stole ours.
  • How does our waiting list work?
    We are always accepting families to our waiting list for future and young litters. Our Waiting List Fee is a nonrefundable $100, which applies towards the puppy’s total cost. This fee gets your name on our waiting list and saves your place in line to choose a puppy. Once puppies have arrived, we will proceed down our list. Families move up our list as families above them choose puppies and drop-off. A puppy must be chosen by 4 weeks of age, or your family may pass and wait for future litters. Our waiting list families may pass as many times as needed to find their perfect family member.
  • Do you offer shipping?
    Yes! We have multiple ways of getting your new family member to you. We are happy to meet you by vehicle in the state of Florida and Georgia. We can also meet you at the Jacksonville International Airport. Lastly, we have a wonderful Flight Nanny that will chaperone the puppy in the airplane cabin to your nearest airport.
  • How big will my pomsky get?
    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your puppies adult size. We will always give our best height and weight estimate based on the parents of your puppy. We have had puppies mature as little as 6 pounds and others mature as big as 40 pounds. Every now and again we may produce a "Throw Back" meaning it can mature smaller or larger than the given estimate.
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