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The Parents

We produce F1, F2, and F3 generation pomskies.

Our first Pomsky litter was produced in 2017 and stole our hearts. We are proud members of multiple Pomsky Associations and follow all of their Code of Ethics. All of our females and males have undergone DNA genetic disease testing through Embark and AKC breed recommended health testing through OFA. Also we only use the breeds of the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian to create our beautiful puppies. We are happy to introduce our family members to you! 



Melody is a fluffy ball of perfection. She weighs 11 pounds and is the daughter of Ariel and KP Pomskies Rex .


OFA hip/Elbow results: Good/Normal

OFA Eye results: Clear

OFA Patella results: Normal

F2 Pomsky



F2 Pomsky

Hades is our flawless pomsky boy from Smart Pomskies. He is 8 pounds and a true blue merle.


Embark results:

OFA hip/Elbow results: Excellent/Normal

OFA Eye results: Clear

OFA Patella results: Normal

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